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05.07 2017
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Augentius in Supporting Employees’ Career Advancement

As a Platinum ACCA Approved Employer, Augentius (page web de Augentius) has many long-term employees who have reaped the amazing advantages that such standing entails. A chain is only as resilient as its poorest link: That is why the company advances staff career development. Augentius' outstanding success are largely due to the extended support it offers to its personnel.

What is Augentius?

Augentius has a wide variety of clients spanning 95 countries. To be trustworthy, a company that administers funds must have ample experience in monitoring the smallest to the largest operations. When maintaining the financial welfare of a client, accuracy, reliability and clear insight are of the highest priority.

AIFMD and its Relation to Augentius

The Alternative Investment Funds Managers Directive (AIFMD) comprises Augentius and KNEIP. The Alternative Investment Funds Managers Directive reporting facility is an outstanding software service that was subject to a four month period of scrutiny. Augentius uses top-rated technology that guarantees accurate and up-to-date accounting data-processing.

Why Work with Augentius?

Large firms are now unable to handle and monitor their growing resources. That is why they seek services that will offer them much better asset-handling solutions. Selecting only the best to build the teams that serve their clientele, Augentius goes a step further by offering dedicated specialists to assist them in resolving complicated situations. A compulsory necessity for all associates working in the financial market is a comprehension of Private Equity along with Real Estate Funds.