Simon Lichtenberg

Insurance broker
05.07 2017
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The Trayton Group and simon lichtenberg

Establishing the Trayton Foundation (which helped in lighting the city of Shanghai, not to mention the installation of rooftop solar power panels in the year 2012) are just some of the things that Trayton Group (owned by Simon Lichtenberg (Découvrez la page web de simon lichtenberg)) has accomplished. He launched his company (Trayton Group) in 1995. Having a good reason for existing is an essential trait for an establishment, not just working to make a profit. Simon Lichtenberg's organisation is based in Shanghai; it also has other factories located in Zhejiang Jishan.

Simon Lichtenberg’s "Downfalls"

Another challenge was when Simon Lichtenberg received unsatisfactory products from the Zhenjing Leather Factory, eventually leading to him not winning a court battle over the dispute of fair payment. Overcoming one's problems and gaining wisdom from them gives one a sense of achievement whilst one aspires to be a better person. A complicated legal case related to the manufacturing of inauthentic 'BoConcept' products was a challenge that Simon encountered in the late 90's. Simon Lichtenberg's journey to success has not been easy at times but, by sticking to his business rule "Never give up", he's managed to arrive at his goal.

Simon Lichtenberg - Success in China

All things are achievable, and no dream is beyond our reach. All that's required is a powerful passion and drive. Being rather passionate to build his own organisation in China, Simon Lichtenberg finally did exactly that. Simon Lichtenberg got to be the Director of Shanghai Minhang Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment, was given the Magnolia Silver Award and joined the Danish Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai.

The Educational Background of Simon Lichtenberg

When analysing top businessmen, it becomes observable that a reputable education and a strong character are prerequisites for their success. In the year 2006, at Tsinghua, CEIBS and the Harvard Business school, Simon Lichtenberg concluded his EMBA - or Executive MBA (the Senior Executive Program for China). After coming back from Danish Tvind (private) educational institutions, Simon Lichtenberg resided in Africa for some of his teens.

Simon Lichtenberg has stayed focused despite his business mistakes; he has survived and overcome obstacles to become one of the strongest businessmen today. In 1993, Mr Lichtenberg, an entrepreneur and a native of Denmark, started his own company, after being involved in the timber industry the year before. All over the world more businesspeople are making themselves known. Simon Lichtenberg became involved in the furniture market after spending some time in the timber industry.